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Hope in Surviving Cancer

In 2016, cancer rates continuing to rise among Asian Americans, IW Group launched the first Chinese-language advertising campaign focusing on cancer treatment and research for City Of Hope a Duarte, California-based cancer treatment and research center.

We worked to drive home the importance of cancer research and treatment across the Chinese community.

Our First Campaign: Above and Beyond


  • ANA 2016 Multicultural Award Finalist


  • Prospective Chinese American patients, donors, and caregivers living in the area surrounding City of Hope


  • No longstanding communication with Chinese-American target
  • Niche market
  • Providing strong proof points to boost the audience confidence level
  • Required synergy with general market campaign

Full Flavor Solution

The multichannel campaign features intimate testimonials from cancer survivors and their families reflecting on the critical role that the City of Hope played in their battle with – and subsequent recovery from - the life-threatening condition.

The City of Hope campaign is based on essential insights resulting from qualitative research conducted among Chinese cancer patients and their caregivers. In addition to the Chinese language TV spot, there are radio, print, digital and outdoor executions. The campaign marks the first broad and integrated communications initiative to target the Chinese-American community in Southern California.


For the first time, City of Hope (COH) launched a fully-integrated, multi-ethnic marketing and outreach campaign targeting the diverse communities of the surrounding. Based on the general market brand campaign, we developed culturally-relevant ads that captured the essence of City of Hope’s brand positioning - The Miracle of Science with Soul. We adapted the general market creative approach into a robust in-language ad set that was culturally sensitive and resonated with the Chinese-American market.