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Did You Eat Yet?

I love you.

How do you feel? Warm and cuddly? Or uncomfortable and awkward?

For many Asian Americans, especially first generation immigrants, saying, "I love you" can be tough.

Don’t get us wrong. We had an abundance of warmth in our home – we just didn’t express it in overt, touchy-feely ways, common in mainstream society.

So instead of saying, “I love you”, we often ask “Did You Eat Yet?” Yes, in a literal sense, it means, "Are you well fed?" but the deeper meaning translates to your concern about someone's well-being.

McDonald's wanted to increase brand affinity with Asian Americans so we developed the "Did You Eat Yet?" campaign. We partnered with Wong Fu productions to explore the insight in a funny, sometimes awkward campaign, full of heart and delicious food.

Since its release, "Did You Eat Yet?" has picked up thousands of views and helped connect McDonald's to Asian Americans in a meaningful and honest way.

Watch how our campaign featuring Wong Fu unfolds through an integrated approach.

How Do You Express Love?

In this video, Wong Fu calls their family to say, "I love you." As you can imagine, it gets a little awkward but eventually ends with warm feels all around.

They also held a contest with their fans to show the world how they share their love. Check out the video and a few responses below.

Wongfu Video

I love you but I'm going to say "did you eat yet" because that's less awkward

… Instead of making fun of each other, we say "Thank you" …

I call my mom everyday after work and always end the call by saying, ‘I love you.