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Holiday Campaign

For Asian Americans, the concept of giving has deep meaning: It’s a combination of expectation, family values and a wish for a better life. Gifting, to many Asian Americans, is more than a gift. In many ways, the act of giving is already a gift in itself.

For the 2015 holiday season, IW Group and Walmart tapped into this insight and reinforced the Asian belief that “giving is the same as receiving” – or the belief that there is no greater joy than to give the gift of joy to as many of their loved ones as much as possible.

With this, IW Group launched the Walmart Holiday Campaign, which targeted the Chinese, Filipino and Asian Indian consumer segments in the U.S. The audience is digital and social media savvy, and in order to reach our retail target, IW produced a series of pre-roll video, streaming audio and Facebook-sponsored video.

“PERFECT PRESENT” (Chinese, Mandarin)
For Chinese Americans, gifting is a combination of long-held family values of deep gratitude and
wishes for a better, prosperous life.

“PERFECT PRESENT” (Chinese, Mandarin)

For Filipino Americans, traditional gifting is sending a “balikbayan box,” a small freight box of all imaginable goodies that has long become a symbol of caring and sharing for Filipinos around the world. A balikbayan box is like sending a huge part of yourself to your loved ones back home.


For Asian Indians, gifting bridges families and reconnects bonds that have been separated by distance and time.


Collectively, the videos were shared on Facebook more than 8,000 times, received more than 50,000 Likes and had over 1,800 comments, including positive feedback about the videos’ resonating with and recognizing the speci c audiences.

The culturally relevant digital campaign also resulted with high CTRs and engagements. It garnered over 123 million impressions, one million clicks, a .89% CTR, and an average video completion rate (VCR) of 35%.

The total campaign delivered 98% of planned impressions.

  • Pre-roll video delivered in full with 62.7MM impressions, 219.4K clicks, 0.35% CTR, and a 42% VCR
  • Streaming Audio units delivered in full with 10.7MM impressions, 33.7K clicks, and a 0.31% CTR
  • Facebook Sponsored Posts garnered 49.9MM impressions, 841.8K clicks, 1.69% CTR, and a 12.5% VCR